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The Nepal Kite Festival: Tika, Changa and Masubhat

11 Sep 16
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11 September 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria and Solangture have joined hands to start an ambitious project in Melbourne – The Nepal Kite Festival on the occasion of Dashian Tihar, this year on 29 October 2016, Sunday. We believe this festival can be a great forum for all Nepalis in Victoria to get together, take part in activities including flying kite, get lots on entertainment in a musical environment and try to recreate Nepal in Melbourne during every Dashain Tihar time. The Nepal Kite Festival can be a place where new arrivals from Nepal can get tika from the hand of elders, and people can enjoy masu bhat as well.

This occasions can be a great fun to our kids, where they can see the Nepali way of flying kites.

This festival also has a charm to attract members of broader community, where we can showcase Tika, Changa and Masubhat at the same time.

Lets prepare ourselves and our families for the Nepal Kite Festival. Lets invite our friends from the broader community to take part in this festival – fly kite, eat masu bhat, and tika as well (if they want to)!


29/10/2016 @ 12:00 – 18:00


All Nations Park
Breavington Way
Northcote, Victoria
Australia 3070



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