NAV Baal Chautari

NAV BAAL CHAUTARI is a major initiative of Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV), which commenced in 2013. Baal Chautari (which literally means a gathering place for children) is a children’s activity program to teach them Nepalese language, arts and culture to Australian-born Nepalese children. Baal Chautari started as a small program initiated by few parents to expose and teach Nepali language and dances to their kids in Preston (Victoria). Soon after its launch, NAV received overwhelming support and response from parents and the community to expand it further to other suburbs. NAV is continuously finding resources to meet its demand.

Baal Chautari runs its school program with participating in various cultural activities. Our Baal Chautari Kids performance are very sought after in Nepalese community events. Baal Chautari also runs at the Darebin Intercultural Centre every week from 10 am to 12 pm.

1. NAV Baal Chautari Thomastown North –

Program Coordinator: Mr Pitambar Koirala

Committee Members: Mr Kiran Gurung, Mr Pramod Khatiwada, Mr Suresh Maharjan, Mr Fom Magar, Mr Bharat Rana, Mr Surendra Sedhai.

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2. NAV Baal Chautari West –

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3. NAV Baal Chautari Wyndham West –

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4. NAV Baal Bikash DMNC North –

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