Children Speech Competition-Importance of Australia Day for Social Harmony

A Massive Thank you to all of you for Making our Event “Speech Comptettion-Importance of Australia Day for Social Harmony” a huge success.
A Big Thank you to the judges Dr. Raju Adhikari, Niru tripathi, and Saurav Kiran Shrestha for your valuable time on Australia Day.
Congratulations to the winners!
We had two groups in the contest
Group A 6-10 year olds and Group B 11-13 year olds.
Girisma Rayamaghi was the winner for group B where Sarah Kharela and Aayan Rijal Scored second and thrid Position
Sarthak chalise was the winner in Group B where Sambhav Paudel and Prisha Chalise Scored second and third position.
The winner of each group is receiving a gift voucher for $200, Second and third will get $150 and $100 respectively.
Thank you to victoian government for the support.
With the Enthusiasm and creativity of our little stars, We had a Truly Happy Australia Day.