NAV Elects New Executive Committee for 2020-2022

By navadmin

24 August 2020

NAV has got a new executive committee as per the result declared by NAV Election Commission headed by Dr. Anupam Pokharel

The list of the winning position holders is as follows:

Position Elected Candidate Remarks
President Ram Prasad Gurung Unopposed
Vice President (Open) Prem Raj Upreti Unopposed
Vice President (Female) Mann Maya Gurung Unopposed
Treasurer Yakindra Prasad Timilsena Unopposed
Member Bidur Sharma Giri Unopposed
Member Ganga Acharya Kafle Unopposed
Member Hem Raj Chalise Unopposed
Member Krishna Chalise Unopposed
Member Nabin Shrestha Unopposed

As all executive positions were uncontested, the election is not required and therefore will not proceed on Saturday, 5 September 2020.

The oath of office ceremony of the new NAV committee will take place on Saturday, 12th September 2020 at NAV AGM 2020 through the virtual session

NAV thanks the election commission for completing the election process smoothly.

NAV also congratulates the new executive committee for their successful tenure.

Please click on http://www.nav.org.au/nav-election-2020/ for further election related details.