NAV Executive Committee Election: Call for Candidacy

Final List of Voters and Call for Candidacy

The voters’ final list for election of NAV Executive Committee 2022 has been published at https://www.nav.org.au/nav-executive-committee-election/.

The Election Commission, after receiving the list of voters from NAV executive committee, publishes this final list of voters eligible to vote for election for the Executive Committee scheduled to be held on 23 July 2022.

The Commission would like to call all the interested eligible voters to submit their application for candidacy using an appropriate form, which is available from the NAV website https://www.nav.org.au/nav-executive-committee-election/.

Please refer to the election calendar.

Following positions are available for Executive Committee election:
1.    President – 1
2.    Vice President (Open) -1
3.    Vice President (Female Only) – 1
4.    Treasurer – 1
5.    Members – 5

Please refer to NAV Constitution 2016 for eligibility for candidacy (Clause 23.2) https://www.nav.org.au/wp-content/uploads/NAV_Constitution-2016.pdf
You can visit the NAV web site (https://www.nav.org.au/nav-executive-committee-election/ for election procedure and guideline details for candidacy.

COVID 19 restrictions have led us to make the decision on electronic voting, which has been envisioned in NAV Constitution 2016 on clause 23.4 – ‘any other contemporary valid methods of election.’

Please note that the election commission will facilitate electronic voting, the details of which will be made available to the members in the days to come. The voting for the contested positions will occur electronically, where the voters will receive an e-voting link in the emails they submitted while filling up their membership form.

Please be advised that the members’ ability to vote electronically depends on their access to the email supplied to NAV during the membership process.  Hence the onus lies on an individual member to ensure they provided the correct email address to NAV.
The application for candidacy must be complete and signed.

The application should be submitted using online form or sent to the Commission by the due date to the Commission’s email address which is navelection22@nav.org.au

If you need any information about the election process and candidacy, you may request the Commission via email to navelection22@nav.org.au and the Commission will inform you of the relevant details and may provide you reasonable assistance.

The Commission would like to request everyone to share this information within their connection as appropriate.

Thank you & Namaste.
NAV Election Commission 2022