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2 May 2016NAV is going to organize an information and networking session for graduate and student Nurses on 29 May 2016. This program will target mainly international student nurses and is driven by experienced and passionate nurses  to support their fellow colleagues, assist them in their adjustment in Victoria and provide them support and opportunity for networking. This program is expected to be beneficial to all the international nursing students […]

1 May 2016Nepalese Youth Association (NYA) based at Melbourne, Australia organized a program on health related matters aimed at students and new arrivals to Australia. The program, which was supported and promoted by NAV,  was held at Consulate General of Nepal office at Melbourne CBD. While the program was attended by around 40 participants, a live internet cast was done, which, along with video recording posted on social media reached […]

29 April 2016Considering the needs to work on various sectors and community activities, NAV has formed seven subcommittees chaired by president or two vice presidents. Please click here for the details of the subcommittees. » view full post »

25 April 2016Victorian community remembered the devastating earthquake that engulfed half of Nepal in 2015.  In a program jointly organized by NRNA Victoria, NAV and the Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria at the Consulate Office situated at the Melbourne CBD, the attendees paid homage to those who lost their lives and victims of the earthquake.  Mr Rishi Kandel, NRNA ICC member did a presentation on the earthquake in general […]

24 April 2016Nepali Association of Victoria (NAV), together with NRNA and Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria Office are jointly organizing a memorial service on the first anniversary of the deadly earthquake that destroyed parts of Nepal in April 2015. Victorian community had generously supported on the relief phase. The funds collected the the movement Victorians Stand Together For Nepal were channeled through NRNA to Nepal. It is expected that […]