NAV Celebrates Children’s Day in Melbourne

18 September 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria thanks all the kids and their parents for their participation and performance in NAV Bal Diwas today.

This program was attended mostly by primary school age children who did extremely good job in performing various acts.
We also acknowledge contribution of NAV Bal Chautari, Preston and Hamro Nepali Pathshala, Vermont South in today’s program.

The program featured various cultural activities, talent show, quiz contest, badge making, henna coloring, face painting, musical chair and art competition.

We also conducted a parents workshop. The topic this year was cybersafety.

The program was attended by parents and children from various


Cricket Australia Initiative: Community Ambassadors in Nepalese Community

15 September 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) is pleased to inform our community members that Cricket Australia has appointed NAV Vice President and Head of Sport Section Mr Tara Gaire and accomplished cricketer from Nepalese community Mr Sunam Gautam as Community Ambassador.

The Community Ambassador Program, developed by Cricket Australia, is intended to help facilitate greater collaboration and engagement between Australian Cricket, community representatives, affiliate organisations and the broader community.

NAV is committed to develop sports within Nepalese community and through sports plans to develop better networking with mainstream community including sporting organizations.

NAV has been organizing NAV cup cricket for the past


The Nepal Kite Festival: Tika, Changa and Masubhat

11 September 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria and Solangture have joined hands to start an ambitious project in Melbourne – The Nepal Kite Festival on the occasion of Dashian Tihar, this year on 16 October 2016, Sunday. We believe this festival can be a great forum for all Nepalis in Victoria to get together, take part in activities including flying kite, get lots on entertainment in a musical environment and try to recreate Nepal in Melbourne during every Dashain Tihar time. The Nepal Kite Festival can be a place where new arrivals from Nepal can get tika from the hand


NAV Children’s Day: Participants details invited for talent show

27 August 2016

This year NAV’s yearly celebration Children’s day is being celebrated at Coburg Town Hall on 18 September from 11 am to 4 pm.

NAV requests parents of prospective participants on Children’s talent show to contact NAV with following details by 11 September 2016.

  1. Child’s name:
  2. Age:
  3. Talent type (Dance, Song, Music, or any other talent):
  4. Guardian’s name:
  5. Guardian’s phone:
  6. Suburb:

Contact by phone, text or email:

Mr Tara Gaire (NAV Vice President and Children’s day coordinator): 0433175232
Shweta Bohora (Children’s day coordinator): 0430113391

baal diwas 2016_cover




NAV Expands it’s Advisory Body

22 August 2016

A recently held NAV Executive Committee meeting decided to offer the following members of community NAV advisor position. NAV expressed its gratitude the new advisors for accepting the offer.

Our New Advisors are:

  1. Mr Mohan Rana
  2. Ms Anamika Rai
  3. Ms Laxmi Pokhrel
  4. Mr Shree Pant
  5. Mr Sunil Bhandari
  6. Mr Bhim Neupane
  7. Dr Ugendra Regmi

NAV welcomes all our new advisors.

NAV Advisors (2016-2018)

teej 1

NAV Celebrates Teej this year as AECC NAV Teej Mela 2016

22 August 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria thanks all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and supporters of NAV Teej program 2016  celebrated this year as AECC NAV Teej Mela 2016.  The feedback is that the program was a grand success, which was attended by more than 800 women, which also included Teen age girls and women from other cultural backgrounds, all dressed in traditional Nepali attires.

This was yet another example of collaboration between NAV, NRNA – Nari Nikunj, Neplay Events and various other organizations, with your kind presence and great performance by an imminent singer from


NAV reverts back to paid membership

14 August 2016

A recent meeting of NAV Executive Committee decided to revert back to paid membership. Last year free membership was promoted to attract members to NAV. This strategy helped NAV to become the largest organization of Nepalese citizens and people of Nepalese origin currently residing in Victoria, Australia. However expense for various support and awareness activities made us go back to paid membership model. The meeting decided a fee of  $ 30 per member per two years.


  1. NAV will continue to advocate for our community interests, conduct various capacity building activities, promote Nepalese culture in Victoria

Census 2016: Let’s all of us play our part on 9 August 2016

30 July 2016
Nepalese Association of Victoria met with Australian Bureau of Statistics Officials on 22 July 2016 and has been working closely with the government and other agencies in increasing awareness about the forthcoming census.
ABS officials advised that:
1. It is a law to keep the information confidential. To our question whether such information is shared with other departments e.g. Department of Immigration, the response was no raw data will be shared with any other government departments.
Amar bhanu

Nepali community in Victoria celebrates Bhanu Jayanti with Amar Neupane

17 July 2016

Nepali community in Victoria celebrated 203rd Bhanu Jayanti in Melbourne today. The program organized by Sahitya Sangeet Jamghat, a group of passionate Nepali individuals, who have been running monthly program to provide a platform for Nepalese population in Victoria, Australia to present their literary creativity.

This program was attended by Mr Amar Neupane, a well known Nepali writer and winner of prestigious Madan Puraskar. Mr Neupane shared his literary journey and also keenly listened to Nepali poems and songs presented by Victorian Nepalese participants.

Nepalese Association of  Victoria proudly contributed towards meals and refreshment in this program. We also have

NMC fundraiser

Victorian Nepali Community Unites for a Nepali Centre

24 June 2016

A fundraising dinner  towards building a Nepali Centre in Victoria was agreed as a huge success equally by organizers and participants.  The program was organized tonight by ANMC (Australia Nepal Multicultural Centre).

Nepali Community Centre (Registered as ANMC) is a joint initiative of ANMC, NAV and NRNA Australia (VIC), supported by all Nepalese community organisations and passionate individuals. The sole objective of ANMC is to undertake the responsibility of establishing and operation our own community center.

Mr Ranjan Baidhya, President – ANMC and past president of NAV gave an emphatic illustration of proposed centre and described the execution plan.  Hon