History of NAV

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) was formally registered in Victoria in April 1997 with the objective to represent and protect the Nepali community’s interest, preserve the Nepalese culture and heritage.  A revised constitution of NAV in 2013 states the following under the statement of purposes:

  1. To Promote and celebrate authentic interests of Nepalese as an individual, an institution or a community in Victoria providing forum and leadership.
  2. To act as a representative body in Victoria for Nepalese ethnic community and work closely with other Australian communities and agencies to promote Nepali culture and identity within the mosaic of multicultural Australia.
  3. To participate and contribute in Victoria’s multicultural and ethnic communities within the social, economic, political and cultural life of Australia.
  4. To preserve and develop Nepalese language, culture, traditions, costumes and overall Nepali pride of being honorable civic member.


Before its formal registration, NAV was active as an informal community group. Mr C. B. Tamang was the president of this ad-hoc informal committee. This committee later on named that organization as Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV). Mr Chandra Yonzon, Mrs Laxmi Yonjon, Mr Mangal Lama, Mr Shesh Ghale, Mrs Jamuna Gurung, Mr Prasad Subba, Mrs Namrata Subba, Mr Dhanbir Tamang, Mr Man Bahadur Magar, Mr Parshu Tamang Mr Netra B Khadka, Mr Santosh Aryal, Mr Surendra Man Shresta, Mr Pradeep Pradhan, Mrs Sita Gyawali and Dr Raju Adhikari had played a proactive role towards its establishment.


In its founding years, NAV formulated policies, constitution, logos, and embarked on activities like celebration of national festivals (e.g. Dashain/Tihar/Nepali New Year/Teej etc.). In subsequent years, many of its initiatives such as Bal Diwas celebrations, Community radio service (Melbourne Chautari), establishing ties with many community organizations and Victoria state government are indicative of its great vision and commitment. In recent years, NAV started community engagement via publications (eMagazine and eNewsletter etc.), social media updates (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

NAV has also been recognized for playing a very proactive role in promoting and preserving multiculturalism in Victoria. NAV is also one of the pioneers of the Australian Nepalese Multicultural Center (ANMC).  In recent years, NAV focus has been to drive community spirit amongst young generations through sports activities and sporting events like Badminton, Table Tennis, Golf, Basketball, Soccer, and Cricket which are now held as annual events. NAV has now established strong ties with the Victoria State Government, Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) and local councils with participating regularly on many projects in cultural, social and charitable fronts.

NAV is the only registered umbrella organization that represents other sister organizations in Victoria and works closely with them for the betterment of the community. The NAV partnership with NRNA has set a great example of how community organizations can work together to achieve the common objectives. NAV is continuing to grow in vision and activities and we all are proud of its history and legacy.