Presidential Council

Following the official registration of NAV, it has been led by eight successive presidents. In 2014, the executive committee of NAV constituted a Presidential Council to ensure continued engagement and support of the past leaders in the community and NAV.

  • The Presidential Council plays an advisory role assisting the executive committee on the important matters related to our community and our organization.
  • Their experience in leadership, past contributions and guidance will be invaluable resources to the executive committee
  • All past presidents will automatically be inducted into the Presidential Council.

Since its inception, NAV has gone stronger day by day with overwhelming support from the community and has now become a household name.

NAV has been led by 8 past presidents since it was established in 1997 as listed below:

pr raju   pr ranjan
Dr Raju Adhikari
Late Mr Benu P. Adhikari
 Mr Ranjan Vaidya
pr deepak pr bom pr sudhir
Dr Deepak Raj Pant
Mr Bom Yonzon
Mr Sudhir Shakya
(2014- 2016)
anupam anupam
Dr Anupam Pokharel
(2016- 2018)
Mr Tara Gaire
(2018- 2020)