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6th Victorian Badminton Tournament Completed

03 Apr 17
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2 April 2017

Press Release

The Sixth Victorian Badminton Tournament was held on 2 April 2017 at Vermont South, Melbourne. This tournament was attended by interstate players from Sydney as well as more than 80 players from Victoria, spanning from Gippsland to Ballarat.

The tournament was organized jointly by Eastern Warriors Sports Club and Nepalese Association of Victoria. NAV thanks Eastern Warrior Sports Club for yet another successful partnership.  This program was also supported by Badminton Victoria. NAV thanks Eastern Warrior Coordinator Jog Limbu, Event Coordinator Madhu Sudan Pokhrel, and Eastern Warrior Program Coordinator Bhaskar Amatya for their excellent execution of the program. Mr Craig Haydock, State Director, Badminton Victoria attended the day for prize distribution.

List of winners will be published shortly. Few photographs are posted here. More photographs will be added as they become available.

Men’s Open Singles

  1. Winner: Nischal Khatri (Sydney)
  2. First Runner Up: Jagat Limbu
  3. Second Runner Up: Rewant Basnet

Women’s Single

  1. Winner: Aesha Gurung
  2. First Runner Up: Aarya Pokharel
  3. Second Runner Up: Ayesha Pokharel

Men’s Double

  1. Winner: Jiwan Gurung/Gum Gurung
  2. First Runner Up: Satya Shah/Raju Ghimire
  3. Second Runner Up: Subha Pokhrel and Bigyan Kandel

Women’s Double

  1. Winner: Maya Gurung/ Asmi Gurung
  2. First Runner Up: Sarita Thapa/ Kusmi Gurung
  3. Second Runner Up: Mamata KC/ Lila Bhandari

Mixed Double

  1. Winner: Rewant Basnet and Aesha Gurung
  2. First Runner Up: Nischal Khatri and Aarya Pokhrel
  3. Second Runner Up: Satya Shah/Ayesha Pokhrel

Veteran Men’s Single

  1. Winner: Sanjay Shrestha (Sydney)
  2. First Runner Up: Pratap Shrestha (Sydney)
  3. Second Runner Up: Gum Gurung

Veteran Men’s Double

  1. Winner: Sitaram Joshi and Sanjay Shrestha
  2. First Runner Up: Bal Krishna Subedi and Bishnu Hamal
  3. Second Runner Up: Madhu Pokhrel and Pratap Shrestha

Kid’s under 15 Single

  1. Winner:  Anuska Pokharel
  2. First Runner Up: Sanskar Pokharel
  3. Second Runner Up: Insa Adhikari

Kid’s under 10 Single

  1. Winner: Aaryan Pokharel
  2. First Runner Up: Siddharth Subedi
  3. Second Runner Up: Nirvani Subedi

For any question and queries please contact Madhu Sudan Pokhrel, Event Coordinator, Badminton (email: or mobile: 0422220512).

Some of the winners and volunteers.



Winners of Veteran Double with Mr Jog Limbu.

Under 15 years winner and runner ups.

Under 15 and Under 10 winners with Kids’ coordinator Pradip Pradhan.





Mens Open Single winner Nischal Khatri 3rd from left, First Runner Up Jeet Limbu 4th from right, and Second Runner Up Rewant Basnet 1st from Left, with Referee and other match officials.

Mixed double winners Rewant Basnet and Eishu Gurung (second and third from left) and first runner up Nischal Khatri and Aarya Pokhrel (third and fourth from right) with referee and linesmen.

From Left, Madhu Sudan Pokhrel (Event Coordinator), Nischal Khatri (Mens Single Winner), Craig Haydock (State Director, Badminton Victoria), Sanjay Shrestha (Winner Veteran Single and double), Bishnu Hamal (President Nepalese Recreational Club, Sydney) and Rewant Basnet (Winner Mixed Doubles).



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