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The Nepal Kite Festival: Tika, Changa and Masubhat

11 Sep 16
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11 September 2016

Nepalese Association of Victoria and Solangture have joined hands to start an ambitious project in Melbourne – The Nepal Kite Festival on the occasion of Dashian Tihar, this year on 29 October 2016, Sunday. We believe this festival can be a great forum for all Nepalis in Victoria to get together, take part in activities including flying kite, get lots on entertainment in a musical environment and try to recreate Nepal in Melbourne during every Dashain Tihar time. The Nepal Kite Festival can be a place where new arrivals from Nepal can get tika from the hand of elders, and people can enjoy masu bhat as well.

This occasions can be a great fun to our kids, where they can see the Nepali way of flying kites.

This festival also has a charm to attract members of broader community, where we can showcase Tika, Changa and Masubhat at the same time.

Lets prepare ourselves and our families for the Nepal Kite Festival. Lets invite our friends from the broader community to take part in this festival – fly kite, eat masu bhat, and tika as well (if they want to)!


29/10/2016 @ 12:00 – 18:00


All Nations Park
Breavington Way
Northcote, Victoria
Australia 3070



Sahityik Jamghat to Recommence

16 May 16
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15 May 2016

Sahityik Jamghat is to recommence from 3 July 2016 at Coburg Libraty Meeting Hall. This popular program had run for more than 3 years till a few months ago and had faced an interruption due to unavailability of the meeting hall. NAV has booked the meeting hall for this purpose for next one year.  This program is run by independent passionate individuals who also have contributed immensely to the Nepali section in the Coburg library.  This is an event for all ages, where children can participate equally.


Sahityik Jamghat

Venue: Coburg Library Meeting Hall

Frequency: Every first Sunday of the month

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm.

Dates Booked:


Contact: Mr Anupam Pathak (0433546319)





NAV to Organize Information and Networking Session for International Student and Graduate Nurses

02 May 16
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2 May 2016

NAV is going to organize an information and networking session for graduate and student Nurses on 29 May 2016. This program will target mainly international student nurses and is driven by experienced and passionate nurses  to support their fellow colleagues, assist them in their adjustment in Victoria and provide them support and opportunity for networking. This program is expected to be beneficial to all the international nursing students from South Asian background. Nurses from Nepalese or any other backgrounds are most welcome. This is a free event and prior registration is not necessary. However for the purpose of seating and catering/light refreshment, please send your interest to

Please note that maximum capacity for this program is 50.

Also, any senior nurses wishing to be a mentor of student and graduate nurses please send your expression of interest to the above email.

Program speakers and discussion topics:

1. Laxmi Pokhrel: Transition from Nepalase Nurse Qualification to Australian
2. Coleen Rolls: Challenges for Student Nurses
3. Anamika Rai: Getting into Grad Year and Beyond
4. Jamuna Parajuli: Clinical and Non Clinical areas of jobs post registration
5. Catherine Wright, ANMF Representative : How can ANMF Support?
6. Espandan Karki, RMA: Migration Matters for Nurses

Date: 29/05/2016 Sunday
Venue: Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria, Level 7, 28-32 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Time: 12:30-4 PM

This program is supported by Didi Bahini Samaj and Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria.


Eastern Warrior Organizes Basketball Tournament

18 Apr 16
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Eastern Warrior Sports Club is organizing the third annual basketball tournament on 24 April 2016 at the Victoria University Footscray Nicholsan Campus, Footscray, Victoria. Please see the flyer for further details.


NAV Supports NRNA Initiative To Raise Funds For Student Welfare

10 Apr 16
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11 April 2016

NRNA Australia is organizing Walk for Welfare: Welfare for Students on Sunday 17 April 2016 in Melbourne. As per the NRNA Victoria Facebook page,  the walk will start from Alexandra Garden along the Yarra River, just opposite side of Federation Square. For further details please click on or contact Deepashree on 0422 467 868.


Student Welfare Fund




18 Mar 16
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Release date: 17 March 2016.

The Election Commission wish to advise all members that the second list of the candidates publish date has been postponed till Sunday, 20 March 2016 due to unavoidable circumstance. The Election Commission will make sure the election date will not be affected by this change and there will be sufficient time available for all other remaining activities as per the election calendar.

Please note that, the Election Commission will advise the change in the election calendar in due course of time.

The Election Commission would like to apologise for inconvenience to all members, candidates and other stakeholders for this and we thank you for your patience.

The Election Commission would like to request everyone to share this information within their connection as appropriate.

Jog Limbu
The Commissioner
Election Commission NAV


14 Mar 16
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Release date: 14 March 2016.

Please find attached the first list of candidates for election of NAV Executive Committee 2016 (

The commission would like to invite any submissions regarding disputes and claims (दाबी तथा बिरोध) on this first list of candidates by Wednesday, 16/03/2016 Midnight in writing using the disputes and claims form available from NAV website ( Alternatively you may request for the application form via email and the Commission will forward you the correct form. All the submissions should be directed to the Commission via email in
The Commission would like to request everyone to share this information within their connection as appropriate.

Jog Limbu
The Commissioner
Election Commission NAV
1)    First list of candidates (
2)    Official form for submission of any disputes and claims (दाबीतथाबिरोध) on the list. (


10 Mar 16
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Release date: 9 March 2016

Please find attached the final list of voters for election of NAV Executive Committee 2016. The Election Commission, after receiving the list of voters from NAV secretariat, publishes this final list of voters eligible to vote for election for Executive Committee.

The Commission would like to call all the interested eligible voters to submit their written application for candidacy using an appropriate form, which is available from the NAV website, by Saturday, 12 March 2016 Midnight. You can visit the NAV web site ( for election procedure and guideline for details in Candidacy.

Application for candidacy should be complete and signed. Application should be sent to the Commission by the due date to the Commission’s email address which is

If you need any information about the election process and candidacy, you may request the Commission via email to and the Commission will inform you the appropriate details and may provide you reasonable assistance.

The Commission would like to request everyone to share this information within their connection as appropriate.

Thank you & Namaste.

Jog Limbu
Chief Commissioner
NAV Election Commission

For following election documents please visit
1) Final list of Voters
2) Official form for Application of Candidacy.
3) NAV Election Calendar
4) NAV Election Guidelines

Membership List as at 4 March 2016 Updated

01 Mar 16
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NAV Members List as at 4 March 2016 has been published on NAV Website. Thank you everyone for taking our membership to make our organisation stronger and better. Even though voting eligibility for 2016 election expired on 4 march 2016 we strongly encourage you to continue registering your details.

Please lodge any claim or dispute (बिरोध/दाबी) about the listed members by mid-night Tuesday, 8 March 2016.

Members list, election guidelines & forms available from

Nav Election on Sat, 2 April 2016 Election Committee Appointed.

05 Feb 16
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The executive committee of the Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) has decided to hold the election of the new NAV executive committee on Saturday, 2nd April 2016. The executive committee has appointed a 5-member Election Committee to conduct, manage and oversee the election of the new NAV executive committee for the term 2016-2018 in accordance with the constitution of NAV.

NAV Advisor Jog Limbu has been appointed as an Election Commissioner with Anamika Rai, Sunil Bhandari, Shree Panta and Surendra Sedhai as election committee members. The NAV executive committee has express its full confidence in the Election Committee to conduct the election in a fair and transparent manner.

Election of the executive committee is held every two years and will elect following office bearers and the committee members.
•    President x 1
•    Vice President x 2 (including 1 Female Vice President)
•    Treasurer x 1
•    Committee Members x 5

The Election Committee will publish full details of the election schedule and the requirements shortly. All elected related notification will be published at

In the mean time, NAV calls upon all of its current members to renew it NAV membership and requesting new member to register for their membership for 2016-2018 by midnight 4 March 2016 to be eligible for voting and candidacy. There’s no membership fees payable to become general members, as per the decision made by the executive committee in 2015.

Membership form can be completed online at NAV website Life members are not required to renew their membership. A list of NAV life members are listed on NAV Website

We look forward to your continued support to your own organisation as always.

Our Community. Our Strength.

* * *
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Manisha Rai, Email:

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