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08 May 16
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NAV feels privileged  to be involved with other community organization’s and individual’s activities for community welfare. We have a proud history of working together with community organizations and members. NAV has always promoted partnership where possible.

There have been occasions where NAV has become aware of its role as a supporter or partner only after the posters or flyers were published. Due to not knowing on time, we would not have been able to provide support as per expectation on those situations. On some other occasions we have noted our logo printed incorrectly.

Hence, for NAV’s active participation to support programs conducted by community organizations and individuals, NAV requests all prospective program partners to contact NAV at for any partnership requests. Same applis for NAV’s log use as well, so that we provide the correct logo and explain the way it should be printed and placed, which will depend on the nature of our involvement. NAV will try it’s best to respond promptly to such requests.

This notice is an attempt to improve collaboration and communication with other community organizations and to promote a proper system and mechanism to develop and maintain partnerships. A MOU can also be signed should a need felt in case of frequent/regular partnership between NAV and a community organization.

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