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Sahityik Jamghat to Recommence

16 May 16
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15 May 2016

Sahityik Jamghat is to recommence from 3 July 2016 at Coburg Libraty Meeting Hall. This popular program had run for more than 3 years till a few months ago and had faced an interruption due to unavailability of the meeting hall. NAV has booked the meeting hall for this purpose for next one year.  This program is run by independent passionate individuals who also have contributed immensely to the Nepali section in the Coburg library.  This is an event for all ages, where children can participate equally.


Sahityik Jamghat

Venue: Coburg Library Meeting Hall

Frequency: Every first Sunday of the month

Time: 2 pm to 4 pm.

Dates Booked:


Contact: Mr Anupam Pathak (0433546319)





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