NAV Events 2016

Date Day Time Event Venue Status
Jan-16 Sundays 1000-1300 NAV Cricket Preston Completed
9-Apr-16 Sunday 1800-2000 NAV Community Award Collingwood Town Hall Completed
15-May-16 Sunday 1400 to 1600 NAV Meet and Greet with community leaders Completed Coburg Library Completed
29-May-16 Sunday 1300 to 1600 Information and Networking Session for Student Nurses and Recently Graduated Nurse Consulate Office Completed
9-Jun-16 Thursday 2100 to 2200 Melbourne Chautari Radiothon On air Completed
25-Jun-16 Saturday 1300 to 1600 Taxation and Small Business Support Seminar Coburg Library  Completed
21-Aug-16 Sunday 1600 to 2300 NAV Teej Thornbury Theater  Completed
18-Sep-16 Sunday 1000 to 1600 NAV Baal Diwas Conburg Townhall  Completed
29-Oct-16 Saturday 1000 to 1800 NAV Dashain All Nations Park  Completed
Breavington Way
Northcote, Victoria
Australia 3070
20-Nov-16 Sunday 1300 to 1600 NAV AGM Coburg Library  Completed
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