Managing Mental Health in repeated Lockdown in Victoria.

By navadmin

Thank you our respected Community Leaders and valuable members who are always supporting. We would like to give a especial gratitude to the Shiny-mind Australia team Dr. Anupam Pokhrel jyu & Dr. Tilak Pokhrel Jyu who were able to provide a very educational and informative Mental health session. It was great session where dozens of questions from the community had been raised but also answered very well. Our planed schedule time was for only one hour however, as Mental Heath is a very sensitive topic, audiences requested to held it for a bit longer. It went on for nearly two hour due to questions and answers. We really appreciate the valuable members for always supporting and staying with us through direct or indirectly, online, Zoom and social media. We have received numerous positive feedback, which keeps us encouraged and motivates us to arrange another similar program in future soon. Thank You to the more than few hundred people who were watching us through our Facebook live stream around the world. Appreciated 🙏

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV)