Membership Registration/Renewal

Thank your for your interest in NAV.

Payment Amount

General membership: $10.00

Student Membership: $5.00

Life membership: $100.00

How to become a Member

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: 

Please make a payment as per your desired type of membership (e.g. General/Student or Life Membership) to our Account BSB 013445 and Account Number 353917105 via bank transfer. Alternatively, please pay using paypal payment below:

(NOTE: We recommend you to put unique reference number in the payment receipt. This can be your name with payment date. e.g. hamiNepali-19092020)

Step 2: 

Please send us email to including following:

  1. Your Full Name, Current Residential Address and DOB (Date of birth).
  2. Two identity verification documents (Driver’s License, Passport, Citizenship, Bank Letter, etc.) with at least one document with photo.
  3. Payment receipt as per step 1.

Step 3: 

You will get confirmation email about your membership.