NAV & ANPL has organised 2 day Mental Health 1st Aid Training

By navadmin

In the past 2 days, NAV & ANPL has organised & Completed 18 Hours of Mental Health First Aid training. We were fortunate to get trained by a qualified mental health aid trainer who came all the way from Sydney Mr. Bharat Nepal. He was pleased with our program management and attendance of interested participants. We were able to run this Mental Health First Aid Training for all our Nepalese Community people, specially for international students who may have been directly or indirectly effected in some way. It is important to understand that Mental Health is a part of everyday human life. We have had 20 Student who attended for this training. Our Two days training was very successfully, some parts were emotional and some were filled with laugher but we were always excited and looked forward to what would be next ? Everyone from the class room gave back positive feedback. NAV is always trying to help out international students as much as we can. Helping out our Students to the best capability are always our priority. We aim and try to approach them whenever any opportunities arises. NAV is also a parental organisation for our internationals, we try to assist them before situation may arise. Also we had entertainment session as well from Nepalese Folk tropical music “ Sarangi player “ Mr. Puskal Gayak with us he played Sarangi , it was amazing. Also thank You Aagaman TV who always supporting NAV. Appreciated We would like to give our gratitude by saying Thank you very much for all our respected community leaders, VMC and all our Victorian government, local councils and our Nepalese communities, our medias who always covered our all our programs. Thank you once again NAV Team