By navadmin

Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV) www.nav.org.au celebrated its 24th anniversary with the launch of the NAV Cricket cup tournament amidst a ceremony attended by VMC Chair Vivienne Nguyen, Deputy Chair Bwe Thay, and community leaders and players. NAV was established in 1997 as the first Nepalese Association in Victoria and Australia under the Australian Incorporation Act of 1982. NAV’s vision had been to make the organization an inclusive society and represent Nepalese people coming to Victoria irrespective of their place of origin, represented the united voice, and was the main contact point for residents, migrants, students, and visitors. NAV helped promote the diversity of Nepalese culture, heritage, and goodwill between Australia and Nepal working closely with the Victoria Government and the Nepalese community at large. NAV’s vision was always far-reaching and had envisioned establishing a federation of Nepalese Communities Association of Australia ( www.fencaa.org.au) and our own Nepalesecommunity center http://www.nepalicommunitycentre.org.au/24 years ago in 1997. These organizations now exist and serving the communities and playing a key role to protect our interests and identity. NAV has played the role of an umbrella organization and encouraged the emerging communities and groups to work in partnership for a great cause and outcome There are close to fifty Nepalese communities associations/groups in Victoria and NAV works closely and acts as a conduit for them. NAV has also worked with other country’s Community associations to promote and establish cultural ties and goodwill. Since its establishment, NAV has played a key role and launched several core initiatives in Sports, Arts and culture, Health, Languages (Nepali Pathsala), Children’s, Youth and Women, Festive, Food safety and Nutritional Well-being programs initiated by past eight Executive teams and established committees to execute these programs. NAV’s role and help to vulnerable Nepalese migrant students during the COVID crisis were exemplary which had further united communities together and was recognized by the Victoria Government. NAV will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year and is a time to reflect on the achievements and commitments for the future and feel pride in the association which has was instrumental to give Nepalese people an identity and feel home in Victoria and in being united and recognize.We wish the current executive team led by president Ram Gurung great success and congratulate them for carrying a great legacy forward and volunteer spirit.With best wishes and Happy and safe New Year 21.

written by Dr. Raju Adhikari ( NAV Former President & Presidential Council)