NAV Grand Final update….

By navadmin

NAV has just completed its’ 16th Cup Tournament, which started with the celebration of NAVs’ 24th anniversary that was held on the 10th January till the 28th February.  In total, 11 Team had participated in this tournament. Despite this difficult circumstance, NAV had an overwhelming support from sponsors, Nepalese communities, participates and club supporters.

NAV would like to give a special thanks to DPV (Dianella Plenty Valley) Health Organization for providing such an important and educational session. On the day of Grand Finale, DPV Health Organization held an information hub which provided detailed information regarding Covid-19 to all the NAV members, players and audiences that were present. Topics such as the importance of getting tested for Covid and details on upcoming Covid Vaccination were covered. Safety PPE equipment were also handed over to the NAV team by the DPV on the day. During this Cricket Tournament, NAV also provided First Aid training to volunteers and club players.

First Aid training sponsors by Chandler RTO.
Safety Equipment handed over by DPV Health organization.
Safety Equipment taking over from DPV Health organization
NAV Cup winner
Covid-19 information Hub DPV Health organization
16th NAV Cup trophy
NAV Charity Game Team