Women’s Day Celebration 2021

By navadmin

The best protection any women can have is COURAGE! Come join us and celebrate the Women’s day 2021 event organised by the Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV).We are expecting to raise the inner strength of women and letting them know their worth, women who cannot speak but has gone through a lot. We challenge ourselves to get the best of us to rise against the discrimination and this will be our ‘choose to challenge’. The event includes writing your thoughts but will not be exposed instead someone else will admire and use it as their motivation. All the women will be provided with a white t-shirt where they can write their thoughts to encourage women. This will show sisterhood and the bond between the women. This event has activities like a motivational speech, poem & short stories and other more recreations.

“Information session for Covid-19 Vaccination will also be held by the DPV Health Organisation”

🌸 The venue, date and time are as follows:

Date: 13/03/2021, Saturday Time: 3:00 pm onwards

Venue: 495 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

Cyprus Community Hall Victoria