NAV International Women’s Day Celebration 13/03/2021

By navadmin

We would like to thank each and everyone who had taken the time out of their day to come and support such an important event on the 13/3/2021. Your presence and humble support are always greatly appreciated.We celebrated International Women’s Day Yesterday, a beautiful event that should be celebrated everyday. A special thanks to our Chief Guest VMC Chairperson Vivienne Nguen, Our Guests Mrs. Laxmi Yonjan Dijyu from Nepal Consulate Victoria, Mrs. Madhuri Maskey from NRNA Australia, Niru Tripathi Vice-president of ANMC, Kajal Kiran Bhandari from Narinikunja Victoria, Deepmala Awasthi from ECCV, DPV Health organisation Sobesh Ji & Team, Anu Sivancy Didibaini Samaj Victoria, Bobby Lama & Team from “ A Band in action in North”, Hanisha Luitel from Help Himalayan Foundation, Prerana Malla Former NAV Secretary, Director of the MNTV Australia Chiranjibi Raj Devkota, eNepal news, Aagaman TV Australia, Hospitality partner Hungry eye and to all the amazing guest speakers. Your contributions to the event and speeches has definitely had a enormous eye-opening impact to those present especially towards our future young second generations. We also had the honour to have Vivienne Nguyen the Chairperson of Victorian Multicultural Commissioner, who had so many good things to say about all the speakers.

We look forward to working together more. We had received feedback from our audiences mentioning, it was very motivational, educational & informative. We would also like to give a humble special thanks to Mr. Parsuram Sharma who has always helped and showed great encouragement towards NAV’s every program by attended & fully supporting.

Lastly, our Program Coordinators & Vice president Miss Lalisha Thapa, Program Host Joint Secretary Punam Gurung, financial management Dr. Yakindra Timilsena & All our NAV Executive team hats off you work very hard to made this program grand success. Without you and your dedication, this would not have been successful.

Thank you once again, NAV Team