NAV Executive Committee Election 2022 Calendar and Details


Election Calendar 2022 

Election Election Committee would like to notify all the voters and concerning public the following Election Calendar 2022 for the purpose of conducting election for Executive Committee of Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV).

NAV Members Name List

Thank you all for membership registration and renewal. New members and Nav life members are eligible to vote in coming election of Executive Committee.

NAV Membership List-2022

Life Members of NAV

Guideline of NAV Election 2022

Guideline of NAV Election 2022-2024

Online Application for Candidacy

Online Application Form 

Application for Candidacy

Candidacy Application

Dispute on Candidacy

Application form for Dispute on candidacy 

Withdrawal of Candidacy

Application form for Withdrawal of Candidacy

Media Release

Press release for candidady 

First list of Candidacy

First list of candidates 14 July 2022

The commission would like to invite any submissions regarding disputes and claims (दाबी तथा बिरोध) on this first list of candidates by 15 July 2022, 23:59 in writing using following Online form


Second list of Candidate after Disputes and Claims

Please find attached the second list of candidates for election of NAV Executive Committee 2022-2024. The commission would like to allow all the candidates the opportunity to withdraw their candidacy by 18th of July, 23:59 in writing.

Second list of Candidate after Disputes and Claims

Final List of Candidates for Election of NAV Executive Committee 2022-2024

Final List of Candidates after Withdrawal

NAV Executive Committee 2022-2024 Election Result

Election Commission is pleased to announce that the following candidates are elected for NAV Executive Committee 2022-2024.

The Commission congratulates all the elected candidates and wish all the best in their tenure.

Position                                                              Elected Candidate                        Remarks

President                                                              Prem Upreti                                Unopposed
Vice President (Open)                          Krishna Prasad Chalise                      Unopposed
Vice President (Women)                             Lalisha Thapa                              Unopposed
Treasurer                                                    Yakindra Prasad Timilsena              Unopposed
Executive Committee Member                  Ujjwal Adhikari                          Unopposed
Executive Committee Member                  Nirajan Regmi                            Unopposed

The election commission would like to extend gratitude to all the volunteers, voters, community leaders, advisers, candidates, and all other community stakeholders for their efforts to make this election process easy and successful.

Bhola Giri
Chief Election Commissioner
Election Commission NAV 2022